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New this year! A last-minute, more-intimate holiday shopping experience in a new city for us! Chattanooga, we can't wait!

ICE Holiday Market - CHATTANOOGA

Saturday, December 10
11-6 p.m. 
Waterhouse Pavilion, 850 Market St in Chattanooga, TN
50 craft vendors, local food purveyors, swag bags for the first 100 attendees and holiday cheer! 

We are seeking vendors selling handcrafted items with an indie aesthetic.


Before filling out the application, please carefully read the Terms & Conditions. By filling out the application you are agreeing to the following:

Terms & Conditions

Thanks for your interest in participating in the Indie Craft Experience. All items sold at the Indie Craft Experience must be handmade by you. This is a juried event with a limited number of slots. We receive many applications and cannot accept everyone. The application deadline is October 31, 2016. We will send out notifications by November 5. If you are not accepted your money will be promptly returned to you after November 5.

We will not consider your application if it is not complete or if we receive it after the deadline. A complete application includes all the information we request below and payment.

Fee: The fee to participate is $150 ($10 processing fee + $140). This amount is due with your application. On the application, you are given the option to rent tables ($10 each) and chairs ($5 each) from us to use during the event. This is optional, you can bring your own. Our tables are 6 ft wide x 2.5 ft deep. Please make note of these dimensions if you rent a table so you can plan accordingly.  

Refunds: If you are not accepted $140 (plus any money you sent for table/chair rental) will be promptly returned to you after November 5. There is a $10 processing fee.

For those accepted, we offer a short grace period after acceptance emails are sent out. This is the only opportunity to receive a refund. If accepted, but you are unable to participate we will offer a refund of $140 (plus any money you sent for table/chair rental) if you notify us by November 9. After November 9, we cannot offer a refund – no exceptions.

If the event is canceled due to severe weather, other Acts of God or conditions beyond the control of the Indie Craft Experience, your fee will not be refunded to you.

Sharing: You may share a booth with another vendor, BUT you must apply together. This is a juried event so we must approve both of you. Put info about both vendors on one application, and include photos from each of you. Make sure you name your photos in a way so that we can tell which vendor the photos belong to.

Space: Each vendor will have a space that is 6 ft. wide x 5 ft. deep. The space is completely empty so vendors are responsible for providing their entire display: tables, chairs, table clothes, racks, etc. We have an extremely small staff, and it is your responsibility to haul your belongings and to set up & break down your display.

Day of the Event: The event takes place Saturday, December 10 at the Waterhouse Pavilion, 850 Market St in Chattanooga, TN from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Set up will be done on a staggered schedule Saturday morning, which we will send out after vendors are accepted. It is very important that everyone respect the time slot they are given. This schedule will be tight.

Please, do not break down early. You are expected to remain set up until 6 p.m. If you break down early we may not be able to accept you for future shows. If you have to break down early due to an emergency please let us know (even if it is via email after the fact).

Swag: Once you are accepted, we will ask you to send swag for the 100 swag bags that we will distribute to attendees. This is not mandatory, but strongly encouraged. Swag will be due December 5, and further information will be sent to accepted vendors.

Responsibility: The Indie Craft Experience is not responsible for personal injury or any items damaged or stolen during the duration of the event (including move-in, move-out, and the hours of the event). It is the responsibility of each vendor to transport their belongings and to not leave valuables unattended. The Indie Craft Experience is not responsible for your belongings.